It’s been a while!

Damn it has been ages since i last wrote a blog post. With work going so well with the new schedule, changes to my life, hearing back from a friend whom I had a falling out with it appears that things are getting back on track again. Had work today and the one thing I do like is although you get the occasional bogan wanker there is always a few calls later a really nice person which really makes my day. Word to the wise, if you ring up behaving like a dick parade then expect nothing but the bare minimum done for you but if you ring up, are polite then you’ll find that being polite and respecting will go a long way to ensuring that the person servicing your call will ensure that everything is done as it should be.

Apple released a security update for 10.10 and 10.11 with the 10.11 sitting at 414MB which leads me to believe that the along with updating Safari to 9.1.3 that the kernel upgrade necessitating the upgrade of the framework plus various kernel extensions that might have had a dependency on expected behaviour that has changed with the security fixes. So far things are are going very well and stable, The 64bit version of Office has finally arrived in a stable form however I have not installed it yet so I am unsure what it is like – might give it ago this weekend if I’m bored and want something to fill up the afternoon with. Regarding the SSD external disk – going very well, very fast and reliable and will be writing up a review along side the man other reviews I have promised and failed to deliver upon lol. Hopefully with the new work schedule in place I’ll have more time to be able to finally finish those right ups as promised.

Anyway, off to sleep I go as Saturday is ‘end of week’ for me and I have Sunday and Monday off which will give me time to pick up some oil and a new petrol cap for my scooter as I forgot to put it back on the last time I filled it up. Oh, and I also have a puncher in the front tyre which is funny given that most of the time it normally happens in the back one. Oh well, lots of fun and excitement ahead.

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