Back at home relaxing

So tonight I had what I liked to call “clusterfuck goulash” which consistent of lamb sausages, canned tomatoes and some roti that I had in the freezer for ages and needed to be eaten. It wasn’t too bad; cooked the sausages in the oven, cut them up and then put them in the canned tomatoes whilst it was heating up and then heated up the roti. Tomorrow night I’ll look at having the pumpkin soup I’ve had in my freeze for quite some time and then maybe the night after I’ll heat up the curry chicken I’ve got sitting in there as well. Gradually working through what is in my freezer over the next 2-3 weeks before I do another grocery shopping to replenish and this time I’ll make sure I actually plan what I have each night for dinner so then it is easier to plan what is for dinner along with breaking up the sausages into smaller meal sized portions so then they go further. I’ve decided to cut carbs out of my night time meal since I get them during the day with my ‘one square meal’ so instead i’m sticking to vegetables and protein instead.

I finally ordered those creepers I wanted from Underground with the added bonus that with the weak British Pound that they’re now cheaper to purchase but the downside is that I have to wait 3 months for two of the pairs since they’re a custom made/custom order and the alternatives that they had in stock wasn’t what I wanted. I decided to get three pairs in total with all of them being suede as the leathers are ok but I find the leather is too ‘hard’ and even with the leather softening I find that the suede ones are a lot more comfortable especially when working in them all day. One of the pairs will be available immediately which will be shipped first with the two pairs remaining being sent 3 months later after they’re put together and shipped.

Working is going well although I am looking forward to the movement to new hours which will mean working from 12:15 to 8:15pm which will be a nice change from having to get up early to get in my 10am especially with the ducking, dodging and diving of crazy traffic in the morning. Tuesday to Saturday is also a much better schedule given that it covers a week day and weekend so if I do need to get something done on a week day such as going to a doctors I can organise a meeting for Monday rather than trying to fit it in before work.

I’ve been checking out what the iPhone competitors have to offer but compared to the iPhone 6s Plus the alternatives are pretty shithouse; Samsung with its mountain of pointless duplicate bloatware, HTC has pretty much given up its fight for survival by its lack of presence in New Zealand by not even trying to sell direct to consumers, Huawei only just realising that maybe throwing customers under the buss 12 months after shipping a new phone is a good idea thus leaving the only one left worth buying is the Google Nexus which at least you know will be reliably supported because it is straight from the source. Although I’m firmly in the macOS and iOS camp I’m always open to alternatives especially the Nexus but that being said even though Android is great as a standalone product the real strength of iOS comes with its integration and ‘fit ’n finish’ that Apple does – from the iTunes/iPhone integration through to the ability to answer phone calls on a macOS not to mention iCloud integration etc.

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