Damn that is fast!

So I setup my SanDisk in its new 2.5” Wavlink case and copied 812GB of files from my Drobo 5D (on the Thunderbolt port) to the new storage device with the total time process taking 41minutes. When I restore my computer from sleep mode there is no delay waiting for the hard disk and everything is so responsive especially when it comes to iTunes accessing the music or when I’m synchronising music between my iTunes library and my iPhone. It’ll be interesting to see what things will be like once AFPS becomes stable and mainstream given the multithreaded design and the ability to handle multiple requests at the same time which improves the ability to really flood the connection on which the storage is attached to – the file system is no longer the impediment to better performance. As for the computer, it is very quiet, no fan humming etc. so quiet and peaceful which is especially nice when playing music or just playing a game on the computer.

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