Speculation over Apple making $1billion investment in Vietnam

I was reading through an article where there is speculation around the rumour of Apple investing $1bilion in an R&D facility in Vietnam ( link ). I wonder whether this is a big investment to offset their reliance on China which is becoming increasingly hostile to Apple with the latest, to use a technical term, ‘fucking around’ to give local brands a ‘chance’ by subjecting Apple to the sort of scrutiny that no local brand is subjected to. I sometimes wonder whether Apple should even bother trying to win over consumers in China – sell it in Hong Kong and tell the mainland to go ‘piss up a rope’. China ends up throwing a wobbly and Chinese mainlanders go over the border on mass to purchase iPhones anyway.

It will also be interesting to see what happens in the light of the TPP and when/if it eventually is passed and adopted by those involved especially when one throws India into the mix given that they have shown interest. It’ll be interesting to see whether we’re seeing a strategy by the United States to use trade as a tool against China as it becomes increasingly isolated as Apple focuses outside of China and American businesses look outside of China for growth opportunities. America has fed the beast and now it is trying to find a way to tame it – I doubt they’ll have much success.

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