I hate the word democracy

Dumb idea today, replying to an idiot on Facebook who firstly missed the blasted point of the original post because rather than actually reading the whole post, thinking then wording a well crafted reply they scanned what was posted then jumped to a conclusion but also the fact that they missed the whole bloody point of a democratic system. First of all the most redundant horse crap that a person can say in reply to me is to point out the blasted obvious statement of “they have a right to vote for who they want” (in relation to the Palestinians in the Palestinian territories) even though I never said that they weren’t entitled to vote for who they want but they ignore the fact that democracy implies that as part of the process it includes collective responsibility for the outcome of the election even by those who didn’t vote for the eventual winner (be they voting for the other party or just didn’t vote at all). The whole system is predicated on the idea that we as individuals give up some individual rights when we assign a body such as a government the role of being an expression of the collective will of the population where by those politicians are voted in as expressed at the ballot box.

The system of government itself works on the basis that as a society have decided to pool a certain percentage of the collective resources so then they can be re-allocated or at times for the government to take on debt on behalf of society of which we’re collectively responsible for via the tax system which in turn is used to pay back that loan. The system only works because bond holders are given the assurance by a sovereign nation that the governed have given the government the consent to speak on their behalf and thus can take on the debt. This is primarily one of the reasons that many human rights campaigners argue that debt accrued by dictatorships should be written off because it would be unethical to make citizens of that country to pay back debt that they had no input into the process nor gained anything out of the debt raised. If you as a society vote for parties who form government then part of that freedom includes the responsibility which comes and that is accepting the outcome and the decisions made on your behalf by those whom you vote into power.

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