Beginning of a new week, clusterfuck galore!

I’ve added a RSS feed for my Vimeo channel so which will mean that rather than having to embed the video in my blog I can just point out it, as I’ve done now, to those who are interested which funny enough I uploaded last night so it is all ready to watch. I have looked at adding it to the iTunes podcast but unfortunately there is no way to add a Vimeo feed to iTunes Podcast so I guess I’ll just have to make do with Twitter and RSS WordPress embedding to keep things rolling along.

I’m going to start working on that iMac 5K review but I won’t worry about a video review since I tend to keep that for an end of the week clusterfuck omnibus along with the fact that a video is rather pointless unless it actually includes a montage of me taking it out of the box and setting it up. I’m pretty excited about 10.12 and especially when it comes to the improvements to Metal and hopefully it’ll translate into more games companies optimising their code by moving from OpenGL to Metal.

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