Lovely dinner and chilling out watching NCIS

Had a delicious dinner tonight – lamb roast with whole potatoes and minted peas but what really pushed it over the top was the Barkers Mint Sauce Balsamic; poured that all over the potatoes and mint peas then put those mint peas over the piece of lamb. On Saturday I’ve got some venison along with the Barkers plum sauce which is so damn delicious but I’m wondering whether I should do a potato bake as well but I’ll get to get a proper baking dish because the one I have now is too deep and not wide enough – something like a lasagne dish will do the job and I’ve seen them at the supermarket at a reasonable price too. I’ve ordered a meat online from Woodbury Venison which is slightly cheaper than supermarket and can be delivered to my home but the Countdown branded lamb is pretty good value and since it is only me whom I’m feeding then life is pretty simple although I am tempted to get some hoki fillets that’ll go well with the ‘Naked Foods’ which has a red thai curry that’ll go well with it although I’m tempted that during the summer I’ll opt for some salmon along with a fresh salad. I better start eating up those dori fillets I’ve got in the freezer – grab some burger buns from the supermarket along with lettuce, tomato, red onion and some aioli – might even kiwi it up a bit with some beetroot and pineapple for shits and giggles.

Regarding the world of computers, I’m creating a USB boot stick for OS X 10.11.6 for restoration in future. I’ve put it on a USB3 flash drive which is actually pretty fast compared to the cheaper generic brands which is nice when you need a quick restore and the process only takes around 15 minutes to do. Regarding the 64bit version of Office for Mac, I think I’ll wait it out until it stabilises and see how it performs on 10.12 but so far the reviews of 10.12 have been fairly positive and it appears that they haven’t made the mistake as last time and replace things that work (mDNSresponder) with something that is fresh and non-battle hardened (discoveryd) which hopefully will mean that Apple has learned its lesson hence the 3-4 year development cycle for the new file system which will hopefully translate with 10.13 having a rock solid brand new file system and hopefully Drobo will jump onboard to support it because god knows HFS+ does suck as soon as you start getting to huge volumes with huge numbers of files not to mention the performance crippling design which doesn’t take full advantage of the underlying hardware. Oh well, looking forward to the future and just a word of warning – no one one knows wha the iPhone 7 looks like so taking photos of case manufactures mean nothing because these case vendors are working off the same second hand information we’re all working on and trying to guess the next design so then they have an edge with new case designs when it is launched. Remember all the speculation regarding how the iPhone 6s would be missing something or adding something – how much of it was true? barely any of it. Just sit back, relaxing, have a beer and avoid the hype and BS.

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