Busy week thanks to end of financial year in Australia

Wow, this week has been nonstop with the end of the Australian financial year (1 July to 30 June where as in New Zealand we follow the UK model of 1 April to the 31 March) meaning as usual people leaving their tax filing to the last minute so they’re running around getting statements, organising the login for their online banking because apparently they don’t use internet banking at any other point during the year – btw, how the hell does someone manage their money without regularly keeping track of ones finances online? Call after call after call just flowing on one after another so hopefully by the end of July things will die down and get back to normal….well, until next year when it all starts up again. I’m hoping that as the organisation I work for upgrade their self-service options online that eventually the number of calls will go to a trickle meaning that it is the really “the shit has hit the fan, help me!” calls come through and you’re like “ok, this is understandable why someone would ring because this really does need a human to look into it”.

I’m still working on the video for Sunday which will be up tomorrow but so far I’ll be focusing on technology at this point. Although there have been some issues that have come up in the news, I think the sensitive nature of those topics need more time to be digested by myself and the implications of those actions that have taken place. I’ll probably hold off until maybe after the Democratic and Republican conferences then at which point I will be able to tie everything together into a more coherent overview.

For those who are wondering, no I am not running macOS Sierra beta because I’m not really all that ‘excited’ about the idea of running a beta build of a piece of software so instead I’ll hold off until the stable version is released and then I’ll install it. Personally I’m more excited to see how things go with the 64bit version of Microsoft Office and how well it performs when compared to the 32bit I used to have install.

Oh well, off to get dinner read.

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