Getting things back on track

On a good side the iMac arrived early in the morning of the 29 June which left me buzzing with excitement at work until I was able to get home to setup my new computer. Oh how I miss having a big screen not to mention a full sized keyboard but the biggest thing I love is the Magic Pad 2 which has a built in rechargeable battery with a battery life which is so much better than the rechargeable batteries that I used the old school non-force touch Magic Pad. Regarding speed and performance – no complaints and the experience is great. As for the review, I’ll aim to get one up maybe on the weekend but I have no guarantee on when it’ll happen.

I’m enjoying my big screen television as it allows me to sit back after work, watch some television and eat dinner where I am relaxed on the couch which feels a whole lot better than lying on my bed which was neither good for my posture or my bedspread.

I have finally bought that Snapper feeder so then I can top up my car at home, my PJ’s were getting pretty horrible after having them for what seems to be an enertnity so that is ordered along with a pair of black skate shoes as the old ones fell to pieces (I originally bought them for work almost 18 months ago and 12 months I wore them at my old job) with the crowing glory being the USB hub which I’ll need for my desktop. My next goal is to replace the halogen bulbs given that three have already died so I might as well suck it up and replace them with LED’s which use less electricity, are brighter and don’t put out as much heat – that’ll be a weekend job since I can pick them up from Bunnings in Petone which is a hope, skip and jump from where I live.

Oh well, off to bed to watch an episode of NCIS and then off to sleep – I’ll probably celebrate the end of the week with a sub from Subway on the way home plus I’ve still got a 12 pack of Apple cider in the fringe that has my name on it. Tonight I had venison sausages, minted peas and red potatoes with lashings of garlic butter and ground pepper.

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