Enjoying my TV and Apple TV plus confirmation for my iMac 5K 27″

yay! it has finally arrived – my 43inch television and I have hooked up the AppleTV to it as well:

IMG 0017

It is a whole lot more enjoyable being able to watch my favourite shows on a big screen in the lounge room rathe than being cramped in my bedroom on a small laptop screen with another cool thing I realised is the fact that Democracy Now! actually has an iTunes podcast feed which means I can watch the latest news using the Podcast application on the Apple TV along side the PBS News Hour, Washington Week, Al Jazeera English and France 24 English on YouTube. When ever I log onto YouTube, iTunes and other services I ask myself, “why the hell does Sky still exist” and then I realise the shrinking number who are used to the way things are done and don’t want to consider that maybe there is a good alternative. In the case of me the primary use for me is to watch news which pretty much Sky a very expensive option but when I found I could get all I wanted on line I signed up for an unlimited 100Mbps connection with BigPipe and I haven’t looked back since.

Regarding the iMac, the delivery time has been moved to the 29th June which means I’ll have to pick it up on Saturday morning which will finally mean everything will be back to normal and being able to get to playing Civilisation and Simcity along with many other games. I have to admit I was tempted to wait until there was a refresh in October/November but I decided that I would be better off to go with a ‘well worn path’ than take a chance with a new upgraded technology that might come with its own set of ‘challenges’ so instead I went with the trade and true.

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