The week is going fast…

State Insurance got back to me regarding my claim (for those who haven’t kept up, I fell down the stairs out the front of my home and the laptop broke my fall along with the bottle of drink busting open resulting in all the contents getting in the laptop). I’ve used the insurance money to replace it with the iMac desktop (yes, I did get the Magic Touchpad 2 – the pressure sensitive wireless one that can be recharged via the USB port along with the standard full sized USB keyboard) that has been ordered and on its way which will feel great once everything is back on track. I’ve also denied to get a TV from some money I’ve saved up along with a Apple TV so I’ll no longer be laying on my bed eating dinner but instead about to relax on the sofa to watch television. I decided not to get the 64GB version of the AppleTV since I wouldn’t be downloading videos or applications so the 32GB would do the job perfectly – I’d be mainly watching from YouTube or using AirPlay from my iMac so then I can watch stuff on websites that aren’t supported by Apple TV yet.

Anyway, I’m heading off to sleep now and back to work tomorrow for another day of fun and excitement.

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