Back to work for another week

I’m laying in bed watching NCIS and chilling out before I head off to sleep. I’ve finally got all my cleaning sorted out over the weekend along with finishing off the washing so I have clean shirts and pants for next week. Side note: The dehumidifier was the best investment I made along with the clothes rack which enables my shirt to get dry without having any wrinkles whilst ensuring that my home doesn’t turn into ‘damp central’ when one considers the current situation of cold wet weather in the Hutt Valley at the moment. The temperature outside is around 8°C but in reality it feels a lot colder that it is but that tends to be the case in Wellington where the temperature and how it feels are around 4°C difference in nature. On the Kapiti cost high way coming back from Paraparaumu where the temperature was horrible due to the cold air coming off the Cook Strait which can get pretty barmy during the winter.

Some tragic news out of Orlando ( link ) and it’ll be interesting to see whether the gunmen have any links to organised extremist groups. Although it is too early to know what the origins are unknown it’ll be interesting to see whether it is linked to, once again, far right reactionary groups particularly when you consider that almost 14 years ago an FBI report noted a rise in far right activity ( link ) and that has continued to be the case with a re-enforcement with a report (PDF) in 2009 ( link ) but the usual suspects on talk radio claimed it was a ‘giant conspiracy theory’ and ‘King Obama’ etc. etc. So when more information is know, will we hear the usual suspects on the far right hate radio in the US conjure up more conspiracy theories about their ‘freedom being taken away’ even though no such thing has actually happened.

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