‘Back to Mac’

Well the return to the Mac is almost complete as I formatted my Drobo 5D device back to HFS+ where unfortunately the type-c connector on the hub isn’t a power pass through which meant I had to charge up, copy some of the files then recharge and complete the copying.  The current copying operation is for 503.31GB worth of CD’s backup in FLAC format (and stored together in a 7z file) which will get things back in order again. I’m looking at writing up a review in the next few days of my MacBook along with a few photos plus a review of the iPhone 6s Plus in the near future. I’m waiting for the Insurance to get back to me but since I’ve already bought a replacement laptop already I’m going to buy a desktop with the money I receive – whether I buy it straight away or after WWDC will be how I feel but if I do I’d prefer to get time off from work to have some fun.

OS X has been rock solid so far with the MacBook coming preloaded with a special build of 10.11.4 and I updated to 10.11.5 with the latest combo update. The 10.11.5 was a pretty big update – many kernel extensions and frameworks updated which has produced a pretty stable experience. I’ve downloaded and installed MarsEdit which is running very smoothly along with Pages, Keynote and Numbers doing well. I have heard some whinging and whining on the Apple subreddit over on Reddit about ‘lag’ and some such but haven’t experienced it myself so I guess I’m either lucky or have my expectations firmly grounded.

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