An ok week and the music is back on my laptop

This week was pretty good, I learned a few things but I also need to focus on a few areas but compared to last week when I had a break down on Friday I am feeling a whole lot better about things going forward. I’m hoping that with more experience and being forced to ‘ride solo’ without the comfort of having someone was backup that it’ll force me to use my head rather than relying on others to tell me what I should already know (or at least know how to find out using the knowledge base the is made available to me). I’m hoping that with more experience my call quality will improve, I’ll receive positive feedback and there will be progress forward. I also have to complete a ‘one on one’ booklet where I outline where I’d like to go to in the future which, in my case, I’d like to go into merchant services or working in the back office role and understand how things work behind the scenes.

I’ve copied my Drobo contents onto the secondary external hard disk and when I pick up the type-C USB hub from NZ Couriers I’ll format the Drobo disk to HFS+ then copy the contents back to the Drobo device. As for how things are going with the MacBook – very snappy for such a thin and fanless design although I do hope that macOS 10.12 (assuming that is the styling based on the rumours circulating) will include further optimisations along with Metal being developed further with more system components taking advantage of the technology.

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