Excited about WWDC and falling down stairs

Well I fell down the stairs out the front of my house which mean that not only did I feel a bit stupid I also ended up writing off my Surface Book not to mention the water bottle in the back which leaked through out it and went all inside the laptop. Thank god I paid that little bit extra each month for the ‘incase shit happens’ coverage as part of the contents insurance. I’ve already bought a replacement in the form of a MacBook so I’ll jus ask the insurance company to do a pay out and I’ll use it to get a desktop instead of a laptop given that I’ve already purchased a laptop replacement. Oh well, wheels are in motion and hopefully that’ll get resolved by the end of the week.

On more happier news it appears that we’re getting closer to that time of the year when the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) which will a major iOS and OS X release will be announced, rumours of maybe a hardware refresh along with more rumours about work around the Apple cloud services and Siri integration into OS X. Personally for me the biggest thing will be what the future has in store for developers as the frameworks are harmonised not to mention the growing ecosystem of third parties who are not just targeting iOS but also joining the OS X ecosystem. Oh well, I’ll have to hold off till the end of next week or at least until the end of the day before I can see the keynote then followed by the ‘state of the union’ which follows shortly afterwards.

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