New week ahead, hopefully back on track

It appears that Ubiquity has updated their controller software as well as bundling new firmware for both my router and access point which has improved throughput and the reliability of the WiFi signal. The upgrade has always bought a new user interface for management of the router and access point which has made it even easier to configure which is great because before to set up a PPPoE session with VLAN tagging, which some ISP’s in NZ require, where as at least with BigPipe (probably due to them being just an ISP rather than offering a whole heap of other stuff) don’t bother about using VLAN tagging which does make life easier for all concerned. That is all up to date and now working – I’m a pretty happy lad.

Next week hopefully things will get back on course because for 3 1/2 days things were going great and then suddenly it all turned to crap which resulted in a pile of crap all unfolding. Sigh, it is impossible to keep up perfection or close to perfection for 5 days a week and a torrent of call after call after call. I wonder at this point whether I should be looking for an alternative avenue of employment which avoids having to deal with the deluge of people and trying to keep ‘it up’ given how mentally and emotionally exhausting it can become. The saving grace in my last job was that although I was working in the hospitality sector there was always a way to retreat and focus – when the customers became too much I could let a crew member take over and I’d work out the back. Working out the back meant that I was still dealing with stress but the stress wasn’t dealing with people per se but dealing with getting something from point A to point B thus it was primarily one of physical exertion with my brain being able to be put into auto-pilot. Oh god how I wish I was working in a back office function not having to deal with the public because it would make my life so much easier – dealing with facts and figures without having to deal with the public and their emotional temper tantrums because something the customer did has magically become my fault.

Just looking through TradeMe now and the opportunities are pretty limited but I’d be happy even for a job at a supermarket filling the freezer to be perfectly blunt even if it is a Tuesday to Saturday working from 6am to 4pm with some longer hours some days. Oh well, next week I’ll start cleaning up my resume and start sending out application forms and submitting them. In the long term I’m either going to go crazy, let go, move to another area or leave for greener pastures.

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