Sorting things out and back on track

Well, I’ve let things slip a bit at work and my boss at a chat to me about it so I’ll really need to focus on lifting my game before I move from being in the training environment into the real world of answering phones. I am wondering at this stage whether I should be looking at alternative avenues of employment in that I’m thinking that maybe working in a call centre isn’t for me, that I’m the kind of person who enjoys being on my feet all day and interacting with the public face to face. I’ve been having a look through TradeMe jobs section and to be honest I wouldn’t mind working in a supermarket again even if it does mean a step down in pay it will be a heck of a lot more fulfilling for me and something that I will enjoy getting out of bed for rather than something I dread. The biggest problem with answering phones is verbalising what would normally done through gestures so it is forcing myself to keep the customer informed when I’m waiting for a search result to come back along with more effective questions such as when a customer asks about a deposit then asking follow up questions such as the amount, the method of payment and the date when the payment was made into the account. I’m feeling a bit better about next week but I wonder whether long term, if I do make it through the week, whether I’m better off looking to move somewhere else within the organisation after being there for around 6-12 months.

My Surface Book isn’t going to sleep properly when I close the lid or more correctly when I close the lid the device is supposed to go to sleep so when I open the lid back up it springs back to life and I can start using the once again from where I finished off. It is a well known and documented problem on the Microsoft support website and the only advice that Microsoft has offered is “reset the power settings, reset the firmware settings” claiming that it would solve the problems relating to the behaviour of what happens when the lid is closed. I followed the instructions on the website but it appears that this is a well known issue so I even went as far as doing a clean re-install over the internet just in case something had going awry but that hasn’t fixed the issue either. Long story short I’m going take it in on Monday or Sunday¬†hopefully get it sorted out because personally I don’t think the onus should be on me to fix up their issues but rather Microsoft to fix their own product. It is a great product after all but if they’re unable to actually fix the problem because the problem is operating system or firmware related then I’ll push my ‘consumers guarantee act’ rights and demand that they give me a refund but I hope it doesn’t ultimately lead to that. Anyway, I’ll be taking the train or bus in tomorrow especially if it is raining like it was today.

I’ve been lucky in that the Dell desktop I bought which I found unsuitable for my needs I have been able to return to Dell and receive a refund which has made life a whole lot easier. I like to give something ago but at some point you have to draw a line in the sand and admit that something just isn’t working. For me I’m a dyed in the wool Mac user that goes way back and although I had a good whine about Apple and OS X development when you give Windows 10 a go then it has its own set of ‘issues’ that you have to contend with and thus the old truism about pastures being greener from the other side definitely holds true. They’ve taken that back which makes me happy. Regarding my phone, I’ve been lucky in that a person has bought the Nexus 6P for the same price I bought it for (and as a nice chap I threw in the leather case for a few extra dollars0 given that I originally bought it at a heavy discount so being able to sell it meant I could get a iPhone 6s Plus 128GB and not being out of pocket. As for the iPhone 6s Plus experience, I had to get used to the more sensitive touch screen but so far I’m pretty happy.

Looking forward to next week and things getting back on track so hopefully at the end of next week everything will be confirmed at work and I’ll be able to move from training into the real full time world (based on the schedule released it appears that it’ll be 12:00 to 20:00). Oh well, off to sleep and I’ll get things sorted out for the coming week.

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