Back to work on Monday

Well, I decided not to go in today and drop off the Surface Book considering how bad the rain is so I’ll probably take it in next week when I go into work and sort it out then. I was umming and arrring the situation but my home was already oh-so warm and I was comfortable in my PJ’s so I just didn’t feel like leaving that comfortable environment (one of the reasons I prefer online shopping because I can buy what I need without having to get dressed up). I’m looking forward to getting it sorted out because it is a strange issue that only has just appeared – never occurred when I first had it and it is suddenly just happened – maybe an update Microsoft put out?

Back to work next week and a new focus on making sure that I really do lift my game considering that a lot of the coaches have really gone out of their way to help me and I need to show that I do have my act together. I need to focus not only hitting x number of calls but ensuring each call that I answer the customer is well taken care of and has all my undivided attention rather than in the back of my mind of always hitting a target (which can result in my forgetting some basic telephone interaction requirements). I’m not going to try and cut corners but instead focusing on taking care of that customer at that moment in time – one on one service, rather than a conveyor belt of shunting people along without considering a larger picture. I think also part of the problem that feeds off the ‘hitting the numbers’ is the belief that I need to work faster to reduce those ‘uncomfortable silences’ when in reality I need to also do a lot better at interacting with the customer by talking to them and keeping them updated on what is happening: “whilst I’m waiting for your details to appear….” and do things smarter rather than having long awkward pauses and painful silence.

Oh well, a new week tomorrow and hopefully thing week I’ll be able to dazzle then with a re-invented self.

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