Feeling a lot better, enjoyable dinner

Went grocery shopping today so for the next two weeks I’ve got some nice dinners in store – Salmon Risotto, lots of different kinds of soup plus some rough and ready el cheapo meals such as the fish pie etc. For dinner tonight I decided to treat myself to a lamb roast and some mini-potatoes – it cost a small fortune due to the price of lamb these days but since I rarely purchase a meal of that calibre it is a ‘once a month’ treat but then again I also really do need to get a Le Creuset cast iron frying pan because right now I had to put it straight into the oven where as I would have preferred to season it with some salt and pepper then sealed the outside which would have given it a much better flavour. The remaining pieces left in the pan I could have let simmer with some water, onions, mushrooms and then add some mushroom gravy to really kick it up a few notches. I just checked the price of a Le Creuset which has the unfortunate price tag of $329 but then again it is something that I’ll end up owning for something like 30 years so I’m probably better off buying something good quality now then end up going through something like ten shitty cheap frying pans which leave me with nothing more than sadness and disappointment.

In terms of getting better, I’d say the combination of good food, plenty of rest and keeping warm but what I’ll be doing next week is picking up a heater. I won’t be putting on the heater immediately since I’ll be waiting until June to start using it but I’ll have it ready to use.

Side note: I was surprised at the number of my outlets weren’t properly grounded and I only found that out by hooking up a surge protector that tells you whether it is grounded. On a good side the circuit that was used for the panel heaters on the wall which I removed almost 6 months ago are all earthed and going well so I’ll start using those in future for energy hungry devices for extra precautions. My desktop computer I have hooked up to a surge protector and then attached to one of those power outlets and things have been going great so far but keep in mind that the circuit does have a high AMP ranting so it’ll be good when hooking up my new heater. When it comes to the old power outlet that was used by the night store, it is still on the timer so I’ll need to find a way to get it set up to bypass that timer so I can use it all the time since I’ll want to put the heater in the hall way since it’ll heat up my room and lounge room since it is relatively centralised.

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