Recovering and getting better

Went to the doctors today and realised on arrival that they had moved to a new location but I ended up being seen to, a prescription given if it doesn’t clear up and a doctors certificate for work to cover me for the three days I have been off from work. I’ve been having some good night sleeps, warm meals with lots of nutrients and vitamins which will hopefully mean a strong immune system over winter. That reminds me, I’m going to have to head down to the store and buy a new heater and put some money into my power account so then I have some wriggle room so then I can keep my flat nice and warm. Oh, I might have a look at maybe getting a lamb roast, small potatoes and some mixed vegetables for a roast for dinner tomorrow night – my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I’ve been teaching myself the in’s and out’s of DISM and SFC on Windows 10 – did a quick scan of my Windows 10 on my Surface Book and noticed some corruption which I quickly fixed up following the instruction. What I’ll do tomorrow night is write up an article about the steps I took and what I learned and everything is going well so no complaints from me. Looking forward to more details regarding Android but I’m happy in that they’re working hard on improving Android efficiency so hopefully that’ll translate into better battery life and performance especially with the availability of Vulkan on Android.

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