Your Windows 10 feedback is bad, and you should feel bad

Really, this is the sort of crap that Microsoft has to sift through just to finally get some useful feed back?


“Please fix the email” yet no explanation of what is actually wrong with the email client. How do these people actually expect Microsoft to fix something when they fail to provide even the most basic information such as what is actually needing the attention? Then there is the comments about the start menu – again, how are they remotely productive in terms of giving Microsoft feedback to improve their product? If they are going to provide feedback – how about providing useful feedback rather than using it as a platform for them to whinge and whine about all of life’s problems.

2 thoughts on “Your Windows 10 feedback is bad, and you should feel bad

  1. Almost as “useful” as the folks who say, “Windows 10 sucks” or “Android sucks” or “Apple sucks”.

    Really folks, *why* does it suck? How about explaining what you don’t like about something and then sharing your ideas for how to make it better 🙂

    I used to work for a fellow who was fond of saying, “Don’t come to me with problems – come to me with solutions.”

    …putting this aside…

    I’ve not said “hi” for a while but I’ve been keeping up with your latest developments, congrats on the Surface Book and the Nexus 6P – for myself I’m still running a mix of OS X and Windows 10 on a trio of geriatric laptops (two MacBook Pros and a Dell, all upgraded by me), along with my Moto X.

    I think I’ll spring for a new Nexus in the fall, and after that finally bite the bullet on a Surface of some sort.

    1. There are rumours that HTC maybe the next Nexus supplier but then again I’ve also heart rumours that Huawei is currently working on the next Nexus based on some leaked information on the next design which made its way onto the usual Android news outlets. It’ll be interesting to see how things go in the Android world because it appears that the iPhone has hit ‘peak iPhone’ and Samsung is having difficultly selling their flag ship devices with most customers satisfied with what is being offered in the mid range so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. There is also Microsoft leaving the feature phone market and transferring the brand over to Foxconn and there is a lot of work being done to win over third party OEM’s to develop their own Windows 10 Mobile products which makes me wonder whether Microsoft is going to kill off the Lumia line in favour of a Surface line which caters for the mid-high end to the flag ship range with the mid to low range being catered by its partners.

      I’ve been pretty satisfied with Windows 10 so far – I feel sorry for the programmers at Microsoft who ask for constructive feedback and then find themselves inundated with pointless posts and idiots who upvote those pointless posts. I understand the need for feedback but I sometimes wonder whether there needs to be some sort of screening process where testers are chosen by their ability to provide useful feedback rather than Microsoft receiving a tsunami of nonsense then having to have a dedicated person to sift through it all. Oh well, yet another thing I’m going to avoid in future apart from just monitoring the feedback I provide via the Feedback application.

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