Solution to the Windows 10 search bug

So there has been a bug going around for quite some time with Windows 10 regarding the search functionality where really basic where you would try to find something and it would come up with a message at the top of the search dialogue. The problem is really basic things like the ‘Device Manager’ or even the ability to search within the Settings application is broken. In the case of me I have two systems, a Surface Book and a Dell XPS 8900, where as on my Surface Book the search functionality was working without any flaws my desktop was displaying the reported behaviour.

The first thing I did was comparing the differences – what changes have Dell vs. Microsoft? all evidence shows that Dell just has a bog standard install of Windows 10 Pro with additional applications installed. I went back and asked myself, “Ok, what did I do different during the set up procedure on the Surface Book when compared to the Dell desktop” and at that point I hit an eureka moment. What did I do different? when I set up my Surface Book first with a local user and then converted over to a Microsoft online account where as my desktop was set up with a Microsoft online account right off the bat. To test this hypothesis I reset both machines and setup both machines as Microsoft online accounts. I did a system restore then set both up as local accounts – in both cases the search works without any problems.

Oh, and on the side note, you can setup the Store to use your Microsoft account without having to change your login on your computer into a Microsoft online account. When you’re asked for your password for your local account there is an option below the pass input field where you choose to just click on the option “Sign in to just this app instead” but keep in mind you can update the bundled applications (People, Mail and Calendering, and more) don’t require you to create a Microsoft account which is a great relief. For me I’m happy to stay with a local account and then setup mail to my Google Apps account along with Mail and Calendering – over all I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

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