So far so good: Productive weekend

Well there was another productive weekend where I’ve cleaned my home from top to bottom; fully hoovered the house, bleached out the toilet bowl, mopped the floor and the organised the recycling. That reminds me, I need to put out the recycling this week because I forgot all about it last week.

I’ve also decided to start taking the train in future because of a iffy experience I had on my bike when going around a round-about on a wet day and my back tyre started to slip and slide and I was lucky that I didn’t go ass over turkey. $150 per month for the train and keep my scooter for going around the town picking up things but longer than down the road I’ll use my train ticket.

Looking forward to things getting back on track financially as things progress through the year as my student loan is paid off and the small loan I have with my folks is paid off. I’m going to have to investigate how the whole Kiwisaver contributions operate at my place of work and if it good deal then I’ll opt back in at 3% which will make a nice little nest egg going forward.

Oh well, off to sleep now for another week of fun an excitement – hopefully I’ve achieved a good result on the exam that was done on Friday.

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