Fiddling around with cloud services

So I was bored last night so I thought I’ll tinker around and see what Office 365 Exchange hosting is like when compared to Google Apps. What a nightmare that was – sure, Google Apps has its own issues such as Google relying on tacking features onto IMAP which can break things (although in their defence they push strongly the use of their web based mail rather than using something like Outlook or Mail for Windows 10) but holy crap Office 365 would be great for maybe a large corporation but for someone like me it is a major over kill.  After that little fiasco I went back to using Google Apps but this time I upgraded to their ‘ultimate’ plan which works out to be US$10 per month with unlimited storage which will serve nicely as I am looking at uploading files to my Google Drive for long term safety and security. Oh, and btw, I’m going to be uploading a video soon regarding my new Surface Book and how it performs – rather than using YouTube I’ll use the Google Drive instead and just link it straight to my blog.

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