One door closes, another one opens

One thing I love about Dell is predictability because like clock work you visit their website and voila there you have it, a Dell XPS 8900 with a a great Radeon R9 370 w/ 4GB of GDDR5 memory and lots of other goodies. I priced up a ‘DIY’ computer with parts bought online and, well, when you’re going up against a Dell special you tend to lose every time. Well, that is all sorted out and ready to roll so I’ll be excited once I get a delivery date on when it’ll all happen. As for speakers, I’ll probably grab them maybe next pay day but I’m not great hurry. As for the storage, yeah it is an old school spinning disk but I can easily put in an after market m.2 PCIe along the lines of a Samsung flash storage which would give me the best of both worlds – 2TB of long term storage and 512GB of fast storage for the operating system and applications. Hopefully as my finances improve I might purchase a television and a Chromecast with streaming things straight from my desktop.

Oh and here is something interesting I notice – the network slow downs that I noticed on OS X which I blamed on my router hasn’t occurred when running Windows. I always assumed that the problems I had were related to simply a crap router or a bad signal but I’ve been able to open up my Surface Book and connect to my router, maintain a good network connection and never observe a slow down even when the machine has come out of sleep – keeping in mind that the chipset used in the Surface Book isn’t exactly from a company known for their Wifi networking chops. The XPS 8900 has moved away from the Dell rebranded BroadCom chipset to an Intel 3165 which will make for an interesting experience but given past experience with Intel I believe the experience will be pretty damn good. I wonder whether the move by BroadCom away from low value chips like their Wifi business pretty much lead Dell decide that the only other viable alternative who is in the industry for the long run is Intel.

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