Dear PC vendors, this is why you lose sales

Ok, I’m looking at a replacement for my iMac (I’m in no hurry mind you, just ‘window shopping’) and I went onto the HP New Zealand website and it’s selection? reminds me of the bargain table at Dick Smith closing down sale – if you’re going to set up shop in New Zealand then at least put some effort into appearing that you actually want to serve New Zealand consumers. I’ve fired off two questions with the first to Harvey Norman Direct which couldn’t be bothered putting on a ‘out of stock’ note on their page and another website called ‘Direct’ says they’re in low supply but that could mean anything (past experience tells me that ‘low supply’ equals ‘no supply’). I then thought “hey, lets give Acer a go” so I go to their website and try to find a reseller but their reseller finder is broken – Acer, are you actually interested in making some money? I’m surprised you’re not having an existential crisis asking why one exists when there is little to no effort to make life easier for a potential customer. Really, this is something I can’t stand about retailers – on one hand whining about how they’re ‘hard done’ by people who order stuff from overseas then turn around and half ass it when it comes to ensuring that they have stock either in the store or at the distribution warehouse. If you as an organisation are going to charge a premium over me buying it overseas then you should have something to justify that premium such as instant gratification.

I’ve been having a look at the possibility of an HP Workstation ( link ) and a HP 4K Monitor ( link ) and although it isn’t at the cutting edge there is the upswing of a 3 year warranty, long term support, stable driver support from nVidia etc. Combine that with a PCI express flash storage, a great power supply etc. I guess one can give up some grunt for long term stability – being on the leading edge of technology but not the bleeding edge which avoids much of the drama that many gamers tend to have when they go for the latest and great then deal with months of heart ache and instability whilst the drivers mature.

Redstone is looking to be a great update to Windows 10 and it will be interesting to see what Redstone 2 turns out to be because I’m enjoy this gradual move forward in 6 month steps rather than the old school release of big upgrades every 3 years resulting in some things buggy, others great etc. the mix bag of a new release. Office is going great and I’m still open to the idea of embracing for a future email address but so far I prefer Google and Gmail but that could change if Microsoft turned around tomorrow to create Edge for Android along with integrating it with the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. Oh, and much to the chagrin of many I actually quite enjoy the UWP Mail and Calendaring application that comes with Windows – sure it is pretty basic but it avoids all the needless complexity that comes with Outlook so I’ve been enjoying it. Oh and as for Chrome – things are going great there. Oh well, lets hope for the best.

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