The reason I like the Surface Book…

The reasons why I like the Surface Book are the same reasons that I prefer to have a Nexus rather than purchasing an Android that is built and maintained by the likes of Samsung or LG – getting to experience the system as the creator intended it to be enjoyed rather than leaving it up to a third party to butcher beyond belief thus giving a negative perception for something the originator had no control over. Microsoft in other words gets a lot of flack for the perceived ‘issues’ of Windows but it isn’t until you get a decent piece of equipment from a respectable OEM vendor or a device straight from Microsoft when your realise that the issue has less to do with Windows (although Windows does have it’s issues which are being addressed gradually in Windows 10) but more to do with bad OEM’s doing a horrible job. Imagine opening up a laptop with a pristine copy of Windows – no third party crapware, no crapware from driver vendors who insist on re-inventing the wheel for the sake of ‘branding’ and ‘differentiation’ for where there is none actually required (see Lenovo with their registry butchering for the sake of ‘faster boot times’ which ends up breaking the Windows Update process resulting in patches not being able to get applied in batches hence individual install one by one). Btw, if you’re wondering, I’ll write up a review along with lots of photos next week after having given my Surface Book a good usage.

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