So long MacBook Pro, hello Microsoft Surface

One month and I was getting to the end of my tether with Apple and their inability to respond to the series of bug reports I have submitted due OS X becoming increasingly unreliable. The final straw that broke the camels back was the recent 10.11.4 which made my MacBook Pro completely and utterly unusable which resulted in me having to deal with a crippled experience. A month has come and gone without a word being said by Apple on this matter – a premium product that is promised but not delivered on. What is even worse is the Apple oriented media having a complete black out when it came to covering such an issue – Mac Rumors that dedicate whole front pages to useless crap like “ooo, is Apple developing a car of their own” based on no evidence yet not a single thing written regarding a rise in satisfied end users experiencing their whole computer freezing after having installed the 10.11.4 update. At some point you have to ask yourself whether it makes any sense paying for a premium product when the routine of any problem seems to be denial, denial, denial then some vague acknowledgement but nothing you can nail a flag then suddenly a law suit comes along and voila a solution descends from the heavens. In other words, to get your problem solved as an Apple customer it is like getting blood of out a stone and unless you have some clout then you’re at the mercy of Apple’s good will.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not demanding perfection because that would be unrealistic and I don’t hold the view “since I pay a premium the product should be perfect” because god knows it doesn’t how much you throw a money at a problem you’re still dealing with humans, fallible beings, that’ll make mistakes. At the end of the day though it all comes down to how you address the problem – do you front up to the problem, take ownership of it and keep the user base in the loop that you’re taking the issue seriously and are working towards a solution in a timely manner. As a result of the culture at Apple I have decided to leave the Apple fold – Microsoft’s decisions surrounding Windows in the past made that next to impossible but with the move to the release schedule of Windows 10 the concerns of end users are being listened to and acted upon. As of Windows 10 build 10586.218 the operating system is rock solid on my Surface Book – delightfully sharp screen, wonderful to read and update my blog along with a great webcam if in the future I wish to create videos for my blog.

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