Another one leaves the fold: More bad news for Windows 10 Mobile

Unfortunately Windows 10 Mobile news has been going from bad to worse. First there was the 73% drop in sales when compared to last year ( link ) then add insult to injury there is a steady stream of once loyal devotees who are leaving the fold ( link ). Now part of the drop had to do with the massive rationalisation of their line up from the massive number of product variations to now where you have an entry level, mid level (normal/XL) and premium (normal/XL) so that will result in some people dropping off the ‘potential customer list’. Although that list will decrease in size, over the long term bet is that the simplified product line up should make lifer easier for Microsoft to win over carriers, simplify the creation and delivery of updates and upgrades to the Windows 10 Mobile operating system etc. The problem is that it only addresses one part of the problem, the other part is the lack of any sort of coherent understanding as to why they’ve got the problems they do – the failure to realise that it isn’t the big things that anger end users but the culmination of stupidly small things that, when combined, result in a subpar experience for all concerned.

For example, when it comes to music synchronisation by hooking up the phone to the computer, there is a lack of MTP synchronisation capabilities in Groove with the only alternative being drag and drop which sounds great until you end up having a collection of 200GB plus. When you’re going to win over converts, many from the world of iPhone, they expect an iTunes like application where they hook up their phone, select what music they want on their phone then click on ‘sync’ meaning that their music is kept track of – what music is on the device vs. what is on the computer along with displaying how much space is left over etc. in an easy to visualise way. You cannot control what third parties do other than to provide them with great tools, well crafted frameworks along with documentation but there are things you can control and one of the big ones fit and finish when it comes to the out of box experience. Microsoft need to make the integration between Windows 10 Mobile seamless but so far it feels disjointed which is disappointing given that they have so much opportunity have delivering a cohesive experience but what they have delivered is more about being ‘near enough is close enough’.

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