Back on track and changes on their way

Yeah, I know I sounded pretty miserable last week given the bad news but I’m feeling a whole lot more positive given that I had the meeting where the issues that needed addressing were outlined. During the week I had some one on one time with the trainees which really allowed me to hone in on where my weaknesses were. At the end of the week we had another meeting and the over all review to that point has been great given the strong test results, the change in attitude by me (I tend to get rather defensive due to the nature of my previous employment where I was consistently in defensive mode) and getting back on track. I guess I fell behind the curb being unemployed for 3 months which resulted in me being a bit rusty when talking to customers as well as a loss in self confidence where I felt in the first few weeks that I was out of water – that I convinced myself that I was unable to do the job because it was so different from my previous job.

As a reward to myself I saw that Noel Leemings had on special the Nexus 6P 128GB for $1088 where as the normal price from Google is $1349 not to mention that the pack included a case and a pair of great ear buds along with the 43 points I was able to pick up for Fly Buys. After having to deal with the the iMessage fiasco, the email fiasco, the bookmark fiasco, the computer always freezing because of HTML5 video and Flash on Safari fiasco I can’t help but feel as though that maybe Apple’s software is becoming increasingly horrible. To avoid that I’ve setup a custom domain email hosting ordered through WordPress and provided by Google Apps so I’ve decoupled myself from Apple when it comes to my cloud based solution. I’ve ordered a nice leather case via Etsy which should arrive hopefully within 2-3 weeks time – a nice coffee brown colour which will have a nice feel when holding it which also doubles as a wallet. I am tempted to look at the possibility moving away from the Mac platform given the situation so far has been Apple doing pretty much a half assed effort at fixing up bugs which have become increasingly worse with each release whilst on the other hand the move to a rolling release has improved the quality of Microsoft’s software.

When I was at Noel Leemings I had a look at the Surface Pro 4 and I was sceptical at first regarding how good the keyboard is but having given it a good go the experience was actually pretty damn good. The one thing that tempts me to the Surface Pro 4 is the backing of Microsoft for long term support but the new Dell range is looking pretty damn good at the moment. The desktop are always going to be a non-issue but the ultrabook XPS 13″ is looking nice and runs Windows 10 very well and they’ve even fixed up the most egregious GUI scaling issues which makes it a viable alternative. I’ll see what happens at the end of next week before I make a decision one way or another. Oh, and as for the BUILD 2016 write up – I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ve also deleted videos that I had uploaded since they were barely watched and I couldn’t be bothered maintaining those accounts so I’ll go back to just typing up posts.

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