No BUILD write up yet and still feeling kind of shitty

Sorry guys for not having the BUILD write up yet as I’ve been busy on the weekend giving my flat a good tidy up so that I am ready for next week since I’ll be starting later and finishing later (10:00am to 6:00pm) so I’ll probably do it on one of the days during the week although I want to recap on some of the videos. The videos were quite good but I really didn’t write down much in the way of notes that I can reference back when making my blog post which will mean that I’ll have to re-watching some so that I can get some of the main points of what was being discussed. When WWDC 2016 comes around I’ll do the same sort of re-cap although it’ll be interesting to see what Apple focuses on this year – my guess is probably the convergence of the operating system as more frameworks are shared between iOS and OS X so that there are very few points of difference between the two platforms except where it is a necessity.

As for work, well, lets just say that I’m still going to be sending out some resumes because it appears that they’ve got a high churn through with the feeling that they’ve recruited 11 people but something like maybe only 8 or so are eventually going to go through so we’ve already had one which makes me wonder whether I’m going to be the next one and they’ll look at either kicking one more out before the 12 week mark or getting rid of them after the 12 week mark under some trumped up reason. I’ll see how things go – I’ve got some applications put out there and I’ll put some more out on Monday.

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