It’s been a while! BUILD review on its way

I’m still here and still alive – it’s been over a week since my last post so I guess some of you guys were wondering where I had gotten to. I’m going to be writing up an article regarding the BUILD 2016 conference along with some links to the sessions I found particularly interesting. I have to take my hat off to Microsoft – they take care of their developers particularly when it comes to bringing together regular presentations for all levels of technical knowledge particularly with their deep dive series along with covering interesting things completely unrelated to Windows or Microsoft in general. Apple does the same sorts of things by being involved with individual projects such as Webkit, LLVM etc. but it would be great if they were all pooled together into a developer blog so that engineers can spend a few minutes explaining the reasoning behind certain design decisions. For example, a big complaint has been about the fact that Apple’s OpenGL stack lags behind and the reasoning why they don’t spend time optimising to the same degree that the proprietary OpenGL implementations from OEM vendors do.

Although I’ve started my new job I’m not as pleased as I expected. Sure, I wanted to get out of the whole fast-food game because it was thankless work whilst dealing with teenage employee drama but it involved being on my feet and getting in there rather than sitting behind a desk pushing paper and pressing buttons. Two weeks of training in class then thrown on to the phones then they complain that I’m ‘not up to speed’ ignoring the fact that the only call centre experience I had before then was working for a recruitment company who threw me into an outbound sales position trying to peddle life insurance via cold calling. There is a meeting tomorrow and either one of two things will happen; they get rid of me or my probation goes for an extra two weeks as they get me up to speed. What ever the case maybe I’ve been putting out applications for jobs and I’ve enabled the voice mail function of my phone to be enabled so that I don’t miss any potential employers who are trying to make contact.

I held in there believing that things would eventually get better over time but if the experience so far is an example of the sort of corporate culture that exists within the organisation then quite frankly I don’t want to have any part of it – when an organisation has all the temperament and maturity of a gaggle of screeching teenage girls gossiping and backstabbing each other then I want no part of that. I’ve applied for a few jobs in various industries but long term I’m looking at getting out of the place – the pay is good but the environment is toxic. I would sooner go back to working in a supermarket or maybe working behind the scenes in a kitchen – supermarket being a preference where I can work a stable day, good hours, ok pay and none of the drama that the existing employment is putting me through. Oh, and I contacted my WINZ case manager about the situation so worse case scenario I have them standing by so that I can pick up a job seeker allowance which will enable me to keep paying my bills until I get a new job.

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