US presidential election menagerie

One of the biggest attraction of Trump is not only his willingness to stick it to the establishment but gives the appearance that he actually empathises, through his body language and the tone of his speeches, that he understands what the average person is going through. Then throw on top of that the fact that he isn’t part of the establishment of going through hoity-toity Ivy league universities, his use irreverent language, not to mention the fact that he has the ‘Joe Sixpack’ common man appearance of enjoying a hot dog at the ballpark  – “I’m just like you! I enjoying sitting back watching baseball and eating a hotdog just like a normal working class Joe”.

When it comes to Bernie sanders there is also the perception of authenticity – a person whose only major asset being the house owned in Vermont, some savings, no major donors, a person of humbling beginnings and a history of always sticking up for the little guy. In the case of Bernie, what you see is what you get, and unlike Hillary he hasn’t changed his tune for the decades he has been in politics where as Hillary it has been a situation of blowing with the political winds when just as things change she changes with it to give the appearance of being at the leading edge where as Bernie has been at that position all the time – it was the public and politics that caught up to where he stands on social and economic issues.

When it comes to Rubio the problem is that he sounded like a wimp – that he would soon be and doing something else in much the same way that Jeb Bush came off as a, to quote Trump, as ‘low energy’ candidate rather than actually passionate about the job they’re going for and the policies being advocated by him and his team. The complete lack of passion which boarder lined on the disinterested was what ultimately erected a barrier between the voter and Rubio resulting in there being a lack of a rapport being built between the candidate and potential voters.

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