Grrrrr why do you hate me Apple!

So I thought everything was going cool beans when I upgraded to 10.11.4 an now suddenly I’m getting my computer locking up or more correctly the UI locking up because music keeps playing in the background so it most likely has something to do with the UI server rather than it being a full on system lock up. To make things interesting I’m now finding that Safari is broken when trying to use Couchtuner so none of the videos play so to just keeps on getting better. Keeping in mind that all of the above occurred top of iMessage and FaceTime falling off the edge of the cliff – really, this is some pretty basic should have been picked up during the testing process but alas here we are with another thing broken. I’m now using Chrome for my browser and I’m not complaining about Chrome but I am becoming rather despondent at the software quality of Apple where they seem to becoming increasingly more sloppy to the point that a PC running Windows 10 appears to be highly likely in the future. Btw, Google apps are looking very tempting at this point especially if Apple does something stupid like getting rid of the earphone jack in the next iPhone – move to Android and move to Google apps away from iCloud.

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