Starting with a clean slate vs. cleaning up the mess after the bad decisions

An interesting point that was made in the final quarter of the programme where there was a graph showing that carbon output had stayed static but economy kept growing thus showing that economic growth and carbon output aren’t necessarily linked.

What is interesting is how there is an opportunity in many of these developing countries not to repeat the same mistakes that those of us in the west have done but unfortunately for China they’ve already repeated far too many of the mistakes already. Take the private automobile – how much of China’s pollution could have been avoided had they not gone down the destructive road map of the private automobile as a symbol of ‘independence’? On the other side of the equation though in India there is hope given that rather than creating large coal fired plants that many villages are opting for decentralised power generation which avoids having to build large amounts of infrastructure not to mention the cost of maintenance after it has been built. In many parts the opportunity of utilising solar and wind combined with the sort of battery technology that Tesla offers. So there are opportunities that are opening up which is great to see and hopefully China will learn from those lessons learned as to avoid making further costly mistakes that involve even higher costs when it comes to cleaning them up.

I’ve always been interested in the idea of solar and a tesla battery along with decentralised power generation especially when you consider just how much power is actually lost when it is transmitted over large distances simply due to inefficiencies in the system. In the case of New Zealand there is a lot of opportunities to reverse urban sprawl in favour of dense highly efficient housing with solar on top of the roof, decentralised power generation in the form of wind energy etc. The biggest issue that needs to be addressed in New Zealand, outside of the Greenies worried about farting cows, are the easy low hanging fruit that can be addressed today which are the inefficient cities, inefficient homes, inefficient buildings not to mention the inefficient supply chains so before we even start to worry about farting cows we should focus on getting the easiest sorted out straight away in lieu of waiting for the silver bullet to stop flatulent cows.

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