So far, so good: waiting for dinner to cook

Finally got everything sorted with moving my banking to my new employer – staff benefits package but I’m still deciding whether I should go with NIB for my health insurance since the base package is free and then maybe investigate my contents and vehicle to see what the cost is when compared to what I have now. The move to NIB would be a bit of a no-brainer given the obvious money saved but the move away from state for contents and vehicle will be interesting to see what happens given that I’ve already made one claim on my insurance already last year when my scooter was stolen.

Upgraded both computers to 10.11.4 and everything is going well – the new Safari seems to be a lot snappier when used in conjunction with Ad Guard extension which uses the content blocker API rather than downloading the page then rendering it without the ads being shown. The net benefit is that bandwidth is saved, Safari uses less memory and the page renders faster and more reliably – I add websites like Arstechnica and Reddit to my whitelist because I’m happy to allow ads on websites whose owners don’t feel the need to highjack 90% of the page with ads and auto-run videos with the content coming a distance second in terms of priorities for the website.

iOS 9.3 is very stable – fast, snappy and noticed no slow downs – I decided to do a DFU restore as to clear out all the crap on my phone and give it a clean fresh start. The modem firmware has been updated from 1.23.00 to 1.60.00 but I haven’t noticed any difference, either positive or negative, when it comes to battery life, call quality, data speed or reception.

iTunes was updated and I noticed that for the large library I have that it is a lot more snappy and the USB synchronised seemed to be faster which leads me wondering wether Apple has done something in iOS and/or iTunes.

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