First week on the job: So far so good

Well, finished the first week on the job which has been rather uneventful although I have learned to judgement the traffic well as to avoid the unfortunate situation of being stuck in traffic when getting to work – leaving a little earlier thus giving me some extra time up my sleeve if required. The security side of the learning is pretty intensive but it is all for the best – I want to make sure that I get things 100% correct 100% of the time because the position is pretty critical in ensuring that customer information is kept safe. Taking to work each day my lunch – the soups that come in the packets at the supermarket are a great way to fill up especially on a cold/overcast day although for dinner I’ve decided to keep it light because I found that the big dinner I used to have would keep me awake and ideally I wanted to get to sleep at least by 9:30pm so then I had at least 8-9 hours of sleep (anything less than that and I turn into a zombie).

Starting to pay down my bills; $80 put aside for internet, the mobile phone has been topped up along with power account so financially everything is slowly getting back on track. Hopefully by the end of this year the big debt’s will be out of the way.

Oh, and funny enough, the leaked ‘iPhone 7’ images turned out to be a mobile phone of some other company making an iPhone look-a-like. Rather funny when you consider the amount of hysteria created when it came out that there was no earphone jack lol.

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