Oh god OneDrive sucks and so does Windows plus other Microsoft products

Every time I have a fit of optimism about Microsoft and think that maybe I should give them another shot I trip over yet another stupid design flaw that should never have existed in the first place. The latest fiasco being that my mum’s hard disk is on the verge of dying so I’ve taken it home and was able to recover all the files and had planned to upload it to the OneDrive since it would be better for it to sit in the cloud rather than on her hard disk thus avoid having to worry about backups and ensuring those backups are working. The problem is that the same idiotic limitations that plague Windows also plague One Drive – path length cannot be longer than 255 characters in total, that is, the full path including the parent directory. What a stupid limitation but this limitation also plagues Windows which I experienced the last time I used it – trying to organise my iTunes library and persistently hitting that limitation. Btw, for anyone wondering this is the message I received

“A file or folder can’t be uploaded because the path is too long.”

So In the end I just gave up and installed Google Drive which has 15GB of storage which is more than sufficient for what mum wishes to achieve.  Really, this is but one of many problems I have with Windows and years of having this known still hasn’t forced Microsoft to fix up a stupid limitation like this.

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