Broken logic: Ted Cruz is good, Donald Trump is bad?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the endorsement of Donald Trump by David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the KKK) along with all hell breaking loose because it is so utterly terrible and Donald Trump didn’t disavow the endorsement (even though he actually did but the media didn’t report on it). Funny how that created a huge story yet when Ted Cruz went out of his way to win the endorsement of Pastor Mike Bickle (the one that claimed God sent ‘hunters’ to kill the Jews and Hitler was one of those hunters) and Pastor Kevin Swanson (advocating LGBT people to be put to death) not a single thing was said in the mainstream media about these endorsements – endorsements that Ted Cruz went out of his way to get rather than it being a situation of Donald Trump where he never asked for an endorsement by David Duke. I’m not defending Donald Trump but this selective reporting sounds more like the media deciding the narrative of who they would prefer to win the nomination on the Republican side rather than actually reporting the news – all the news, and not just the news that furthers their vested interests.

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