All confirmed and sorted out: A new start

As a follow up to my last post, everything is going well with the verification process and my new employer are waiting on the criminal background check to go through but generally speaking that can take a couple of weeks especially at the beginning of the year where a lot of businesses have new employee intakes etc. so they’ve probably got quite a backlog. So that is all sorted out and looking forward to my first day at work on 14 March 2016 but the big question is whether I take my scooter into Wellington or taking the train in at 7:04am and arrive at the Wellington train station at 7:30am where it will take me 30 minutes to walk 1.8km to work where I’ll arrive at 8:00am – assuming I don’t stop off to have a coffee and a newspaper. Coming back the last train is at 11:05 so I’ll need to make sure that if I am finishing at 10:00pm that I am out of the office asap so then I’m not frantically rushing to the train – getting all stressed. Since for the first 12 week of training there will be an early start at 8:30am I’ll probably just take my scooter instead for the first 12 weeks and the start taking the train when everything is confirmed and my training is finished.

Went to the local WINZ office and I was able to sort out a grant which covers the gap between my final unemployment benefit and the first pay I’ll receive from my new job since pay comes through fortnightly – two weeks then paid the following week meaning t won’t come through until 30 March. The other part of the equation is getting some new clothes for work – I particularly like the two shirts:


So I have ordered two shirts, two pairs of trousers and a black woollen vest which will be suitable for my first day at work. Long term I need to go through my wardrobe and sort out the clothes I have given that for the last five years I was lucky enough only to have to worry about wearing a uniform but these days I need to be smartly presented for an office environment. In the next couple of months I’ll probably looking at getting another two shirts, two trousers and maybe another vest as well to give me a complete wardrobe.

Ubiquiti has updated their UniFi v4.8.14 Controller for Mac which has come with with updated firmware for both the wireless access point as well as the router itself – not too sure whether this is just placebo or real but it appears that the wireless access point is a lot more stable than before. Apple appears to be going into ‘super testing over drive’ now that they’re on their fifth beta release of 10.11.4 which includes Safari 9.1 and there is a rumour that iTunes is going to receive a major upgrade in March which will hopefully mean a Photos like re-write from the ground up devoid of all the crap and pointless features that have accumulated over the years as people added features they thought were a good idea at the time. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out because I’m also looking at how things are going in the Windows world and although Apple has talked about their Apple Pay there are countries with banks who are resisting it by establishing their own payment system such as ANZ with their ‘Go Money’ wallet system and Vodafone, Spark and 2 Degrees along with ASB and BNZ which have their own solution which leaves Westpac with their own MasterCard Paytag although there are rumours that they’re looking at launching their own payment service – no word yet on when that’ll happen but from what it appears it will be an in house solution rather than joining up to Semble.

I’ve been following Windows 10 and the development so far in the Windows world and it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out with Redstone 1 and 2 being delivered this year (the second Red Stone co-inciding with the release of Windows Server 2016) and 10.11.4 and iOS 9.3 being released in the next few weeks along with 10.12 being announced at WWDC in June with a release date at around the end of September to Mid October. There is also Microsoft that is working on a 64bit version of Office 2016 for Mac which will be interesting given that the last time I’ve heard anything relating to that it was via Arstechnica and a Microsoft developer talking about the perils of getting the infrastructure for visual basic macros to work on OS X in 64bit given the difference between how Windows and OS X handle 64bitness (Windows being LLP64/IL32P64, OS X/*NIX being LP64/I32LP64.

Just reading through ‘Mac Performance Guide’ and although he talks about ‘Apple Rot’ ( link ) it is important to keep everything with in perspective given that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. He talks about his iMac 5K having issues with a secondary display hooked up via Thunderbolt but in the Windows world you had users dealing with all manner of issues regarding Windows 10 and the new Surface Book that Microsoft put out – freezing, failing to go to sleep when the laptop is closed etc. That isn’t to create a distraction from what are legitimate issues on the OS X platform but it is important to keep in mind that all vendors have issues – even vendors that control the hardware and the software face issues and sometimes those issues are not easily solved because there are a combination of factors that feed into the misbehaving hence it can take time. The latest fiasco regarding the ethernet isn’t new – just talk to anyone running Windows 10 with the auto-update feature when it comes to drivers – again, not to defend Apple using the logic of “other companies have problems too” but it is important have some perspective.

As for me, I’ll be focusing on getting my finances in order, focusing on work and getting through the training and then pass the 2 week ‘examination’ period before I make any decisions which will push me to the end of June. Once that is sorted out then re-evaluate how things are looking especially if there is a move by Google to update their Nexus 6P to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as well as seeing what happens with Kaby Lake and Cannon Lake in terms of the Intel CPU. The Cannon Lake appears to be the biggest leap forward and that won’t be until the second half of 2017 which will make for interesting comparisons between OS X and Windows 10 (post redstone) especially where Windows 10 is going.

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