Donal Trump: The best of the worst on the Republican side?

Just watching ‘The Big Picture’ on YouTube and I wonder whether the Republican establishment would rather be dealing with Trump, a wheeler and dealer who isn’t beholden to an ideology, when compared to a hard core ideologue who would sooner drive the country off the cliff for the sake of maintaining the appearance of ideological purity as seen by his filibuster of the budget process because he wanted to stick it to the ‘establishment’ and president Obama. So what is the alternative? well, Rubio has just been put on notice by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane regarding the work he did with the ‘gang of eight’ in 2013 regarding immigration reform so if the establishment were hoping that maybe Rubio will be the golden child then it appears that his brief stint in the senate he did very little and what he did do has successful pissed of a lot of people.

I find it funny how Horace claims there is some sort of anti-Cruz agenda when in reality Ted Cruz is already doing a mighty fine job undermining himself by by associating himself with the likes of Mike Bickle and his theory that God sends ‘hunters’ to purge Jews and Hitler happened to be one of those ‘hunters’ ( link ). Keep in mind that it was Ted Cruz himself who went out of his way to get Mike Bickle’s endorsement knowing full well his positions and after it was made public Ted Cruz then defended Mike Bickle’s position – not the ‘right to say it’ but actually defended what he said. Then there is Kevin Swanson ( link ) who Ted Cruz once again caught out an endorsement and then defended what Kevin Swanson said! Lets also keep in mind – these aren’t just some random yahoo spouting their mouth off but rather it was Ted Cruz who went out of their way to get these peoples endorsement so one can only assume that if you’re going out of your way to get their endorsement that you’re knowledgeable of those peoples public stances on any given topic.

Then there is Rubio giving his five cents worth on the PBS News Hour complaining that the relationship with Cuba should be reciplicable and that the Cuban authority is just as oppressive as always:

Which I find funny given that he says nothing about the atrocious human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia that he so readily cuddles up to as a ‘valuable ally’ nor does he say anything about China and their own human rights record not to mention the censorship on the internet. Anyone get the feeling that these jaded anti-Communist expat-Cubans are just pissed off by the fact that Fidel Castro closed down their casinos, prostitution rings, the mafia and the corrupt despotic regime that they benefited from so much? they’ve have 50 years of embargo and hasn’t achieved jack squat other than entrenching the status quo which should be an indicator to anyone that the policy falls into the ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is by definition insanity’ yet for some reason Republicans believe that if they just wait a little longer that suddenly Cuba will change even though for 50 years nothing has happened – but maybe! some time soon! almost there! seems to be the reassuring chant of the Republican Party.

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