*sigh* more work, haven’t 100% got the job

Don’t you just hate it when you get told “hey, you’ve got the job” only for them to turn around and say “ah, well there is some more background checks to go” . I’m not worried about the criminal record check given that I’ve been a good boy but I’m worried that my last employer being vindictive against employees who resign particularly those who resign and thus leaving them very little backup plan. I’ve given them the number of my old boss (she’ll put in a good work for me) but then again they might ask to go further up hence I’m rather concerned about how things turn out. I’ve had a check of the latest email and it appears that they want to get this all wrapped up before 29 February so they can get training started 14 March so hopefully it won’t drag on for too long and I’ll get the second confirmation that all is good. Oh well, hopefully all will work out well and I can finally get back on track.

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