I’ve got a job! I’ve got a job! yay!

Oh lord I am so damn happy and the best part about it is the fact that it isn’t in the fast food industry any longer so from the 14 March I’ll be working a standard 8:30am to 4:30pm day then once fully trained my standard hours will be 12:00/2:00pm to 8:00/10:00pm Tuesday to Saturday. I’ll have a look at the cost of black pants and shirts so then at least when I go into work each day I’ll have presentable clothes – Work and Income New Zealand case worker said that they’ll be able to help me out given that the clothes I do have are pretty ‘had it’ given that I wore them at work around grease, chemicals etc. which has deteriorated them considerably (patchy stains due to exposure to the chlorine based chemicals such as the toilet cleaner). Now, the big thing, trying to find straight cut wide leg pants that don’t narrow in but rather stay straight all the way down – oh god do I hate the trend with skinny pants etc. and the unredeemable trend that I was hoping with end soon. I’ve found some Dickies pants but I don’t think they would be suitable as I need more of a dress pants – I’ll check out Munns tomorrow given that their website has a limited range on display.

When it comes to my blog I’m going to put up an FAQ page if for no other reason that it’ll allow me to write out my ‘manifesto’ without having to rehash it every time I write a reply to a political opinion piece I disagree with or would like to build upon. Once I get that all uploaded then I’ll be a happy lad – it’ll take a few hours but it’ll make life a lot easier for myself going forward. I’ll do it an Q&A format and just add to it as I find the need to fill in blank spaces – probably start off with the most obvious ones such as politics then work my way down from there.

I’m going to probably upload a video in the next few days regarding the review of my iMac 5K 2-3 months after getting it. Rather than doing yet another unboxing video that has become so prevalent online I thought I’d make a review video a few months later so then at least I can talk about my experience once the post-excitement “OMG! I’ve got a new computer” buzz wears off and one is having to deal with reality which, need I remind you, sometimes sucks. All I can say is that there have been no downsides as far as I have experienced but then again I don’t have a draw full of USB gadgets nor do I tweak and stuff around with the system other than setting OS X to dark mode and reduced transparency (along with setting the language to British English).

Oh, and side note regarding what I’ve written on twitter, I have two rules: Firstly, don’t blame others for choices that you make and that includes whining about ‘society’ having expectations and you’re too weak willed to stand up for yourself and charge your own course in your own life without having to seek approval of those around you. The second is the contradictory message of wanting equality and then turning around and wanting special treatment; equal opportunities through free health, education, social welfare etc. so that you as an individual can develop to your full potential but equal start does not translate into equal outcome. If you do fall through the cracks then that is where we, as a civilised society, provide a base level of support to ensure that you have a roof over your head and can take care of yourself until you’re able to get back on your feet again. In other words, if you want to be paid the same amount as a man then don’t expect that your employer will magically overlook large holes in your CV because you’ve chosen to take time out of the work force – that is a choice you make and it is a burden that you, as the decision maker, should fully carry on your shoulders with no one else being blamed for said choices.

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