Fox News Reporting: Voter Revolt aka Revolting Fox News

I was around at mum’s for dinner and there was Fox News on television running a ‘documentary’ called ‘Fox News Reporting: Voter Revolt’ ( link ) where they were talking about how ‘anti-establishment candidates’ are winning the approval of voters. Sounds great? well, the devil is in the details where to represent ‘Black Lives Matter’ you had shit stirrer extraordinaire Marissa Johnson being interviewed as representing ‘Black Lives Matter’ even though she is anything but that ( link ). The fact that Fox News went ahead and continued to refer to Marissa Johnson as a representative of ‘Black Lives Matter’ even though it had been wide established that she had no affiliation in terms of leadership thus making it a matter of Fox News choosing to ignore the evidence in favour of running with a narrative that re-enforced an existing position by the organisation and perpetuating a narrative rather than actually delivering factual information to the audience.

As for those who are involved in ‘Black Lives Matter’, if you’re going to shit on everyone who isn’t 100% perfect then expect to achieve absolutely nothing other than being part of the perpetual rent-a-crowd that makes a lot of noise but actually achieve very little. As a gay man I saw the same sort of crap from so-called LGBT activists who did more damage through their antics than working within the system and winning over middle of the road politicians and voters as allies. If you want to actually achieve something in politics then you actually need to build bridges to the majority and bring them across to your way of thinking – shitting on the majority is a sure fire way of turning off people who might have been on the fence or indifferent but because you were a dick parade the opportunity to make progress is gone.

As a side note, I always find it interesting how in the United States there is a greater willingness to talk about race but rarely does the subject of class ever actually come up. Why is that? because to admit that there is actually class rigidity, that class mobility is largely impossible due to the lack of cross subsidies between rich and poor areas due to the way in which things such as education, social housing etc. are funded in the United States, would be for an admitting that actually there isn’t a meritocracy because where you’re born class wise has a greater determining factor of where you will end up rather than whether you’re a ‘hard worker’ who ‘pulls themselves up by the boot straps’. What I’m amazed about is the lack of investment in social housing given the number of houses that stand empty, the lack of investment rebuilding Detroit by getting large sways of unemployed people to be given jobs acquiring skills through apprenticeships schemes where they’re not only work but also acquiring skills as well as well as addressing food deserts as to why council planning encourages large clumps of fast food take aways but nothing to encourage supermarkets to open up. What does make me happy is that these issues are being discussed even if it required Bernie Sanders to bring Hillary kicking and screaming over the left – something that the voters are happy to see where they’ll actually have a real choice in the main election rather than choosing between two people (Republican and Democrat) who are slight variations of the same theme.

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