Some interesting improvement and changes

I did a quick clean up of the settings on my router and access point then I re-entered the settings by setting up the UniFi controller on my iMac but this time I only enabled the mDNS service since I require it but I didn’t enable the uPNP service because I’m no longer using torrents plus Transmission seems a bit iffy in that it doesn’t detect a port being open even though I had those services running – I’ll put that on my todo list if I get bored one day. I also noticed that Ubiquiti has finally added the ability to setup vlan tagging when you setup a PPPoE connection from the GUI based interfaces rather than the elaborate set of instructions one has to go through using ssh which should mean that life is made a whole lot easier. It always dumb founded me as to why they left out such an obvious setting given that almost every country in the world, especially in many European countries, use vlan tagging with their PPPoE connection but alas they’ve only just started including it.

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