Ouch ouch ouch my neck, should have kept with the computer tan

In between looking for employment I helped mum out cleaning down the flats and silly me I didn’t put some sun screen on believing that, “oh, it’ll be a 5 minute job, no need to get all stressed out about that” but oh god did I feel it the next day. The first time was hot and uncomfortable around my neck and then it follows with a massive amount of blisters forming all over my shoulder and neck which ended up popping – oh god does it hurt so now tonight I’m having to come up with some sort o strategy where I can go to sleep with only one saving grace being that I sleep on my side.

Tuesday I have two interviews with one at 10:00am then another at 3:00pm on Skype so I’ll need to make sure the background when I record is all nice and clean – which if course always the case. Hopefully I’ll get some replies back from jobs I’ve applied for over the week end and on Monday along with the cleaning job coming through so then at least the worse case scenario I have two part time jobs until something better comes along. Oh well, off to bed I go.

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