Another day another….well…..

Went for a walk around the block to get some fresh air then came back to fire off a whole heap of applications for jobs but unfortunately there seems to be a habit these days where employers will talk about how they need someone urgently and then you find that there is a month lead time between the interview and when they want one to start. Do employers in New Zealand actually understand what the word urgent means or have they defined urgent being some what different to what the average person would consider as urgent? oh well, I pushed through some job applications and I’ll head along to see what my case worker thinks I should do based on the jobs that are available and what my experience is given that the jobs listed on the WINZ website don’t list who the employer is and my case worker might end up suggesting it given that some jobs will give on the job training as part of being employed.

Things are sorted out with the bank and I’ll get that moving forward as well – hopefully if worse comes to worse if I need to dip into my Kiwisaver my case worker said she can give me a supporting letter to help the situation out. It isn’t ideal but what it would mean is settling any outstanding debt I have which would give me a shit-tone of breathing room going forward. Oh well – I’ll see if we can get the wheels moving on that when I go in tomorrow. Hopefully if it is a nice day I’ll walk over since it is only 5-10 minutes from my home.

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