Another good day, and more jobs applied for

I have to admit I was feeling pretty depressed over the last few days thinking that things won’t get any better and that I am doomed to be in the same situation that I am in now for the long term. Funny how a few good night sleeps has allowed me to recharge my batteries and allowed me to turn that frown upside down. Something I’ve noticed over the years (well, it’s being going on for years, probably goes back to when I became a teenager) is that the later it gets in the night and the more tired I become the more, well, I wouldn’t say depressed but melancholy – I probably need some more time in the sun is the most likely scenario which I’ll start doing as I move into a routine of getting up and going for a walk each day for exercise, fresh air and some sun on my body.

For those wondering, the sources for my news fix are Democracy Now ( link ) and PBS News Hour ( link ) but when it comes to ‘round table’ discussions I enjoy watching Washington Week with Gwen Ifill ( link ), TeleSUR English ( link ), The Big Picture RT ( link ) and The McLaughlin Group ( link ). They’re great sources of news and insight without having to deal with the low rung catering to the lowest common denominator shows that are broadcast in New Zealand.

Having a look at Westpac because I’ve been having issues with my VISA debit card, the banking app being notoriously buggy not to mention the lack of smart ATM’s – I’ll get that sorted out tomorrow hopefully.

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