The double standards gay men have to deal with: Rant Incoming

I’ll start this post off saying that I don’t have a dog in the fight as so far as an interest in the hip-hop or rap community other than only having having two hip-hop/rap albums in my collection (Cypress Hill and Fugees) but I find it funny how there is this double standard when it comes to gay men and their sexuality being ridiculed yet nothing is ever said regarding the heterosexual side. Take this video clip by ‘Fly Young Red’ (all the videos are NSFW so you’re given a warning now) called ‘Throw That Boy Pussy Video’:

Now personally I find it pretty cringeworthy stuff but lets compare it to a video clip with overwhelmingly positive feedback that pretty much has the same sort of theme as that video except with the gender of the dancers changed and slight better production being done for the video – the song being ‘Bubble Butt’ by ‘Major Lazer’:

Again, I find them both equally cringe worthy yet for some reason that is given a free pass by commenters and those voting up the video. The message seems to be that if you’re bouncing your butt in the camera you better make sure that you’re a girl wearing scantly clad clothes or otherwise it is a little ‘weird’ and ‘creepy’. Then there was this interview ( link ) where the rapper in the first video was asked whether the video was misogynistic ignoring the fact that there was not a single woman on the video in the first place! It would be like me doing a music video involving me eating a salad then being asked whether the video promoted meat eating whilst ignoring the fact that I was eating a salad the whole way through the video clip! I also ask the question why do heterosexual male rapers seem to get away with having as many scantly clad women on their music videos yet as some young gay guy does a video with some young guys twerking then it becomes beyond the pale – it’s all too much, there is some unwritten rule that has been crossed over that makes one gender doing one thing as acceptable whilst the exact same thing done by another gender is apparently unacceptable.

What I also find funny is how this term ‘safe space’ is thrown around by feminists and social just warriors (SJW’s) quite readily yet when a minority group such as gay men want to create a safe space we find that the safe space is invaded by feminists to turn around an lecture us on how our gay culture is misogynistic ( link ) ( link ) ( link ) ( link ) ( link ) ( link ) ( link ). Is there any attempt to even try to understand the context in which the slang is used? hell no! lets just go in and lecture and guilt gay men into submission because god forbid them having a safe space for themselves to do their own thing. Part of this so-called claims of ‘gay male misogyny’ has to do with the fact that, well, I’ll let a poster on 4Chan explain the phenomenon (click on the picture to get the zoomed in version):

3TY3Aya 1

You’ll see this so often in the real world – a woman wants to be treated as an equal but as soon as they’re treated as ‘one of the guys’ with then suddenly what they wanted wasn’t equality, they wanted their pedestal back along with the privilege that comes with the territory. When you come into a gay mans world all the currency you have had in the heterosexual world to get your own way has disappeared, you have nothing to offer us gay men beyond what you as an individual have such as your thoughts, opinions and ideas and as such will be evaluated on solely those – if you’re a vapid mouth breathing moron whose only claim to fame is looking pretty then don’t expect your vapidness to be overlooked. Then there is this play on the language in the Guardian article comment section where a reply by Kate Sylvia notes the following ( link ):

Just finished another 17 hour workday, so instead of retyping something I have posted many many times … read through this – including the back and forth as quite a bit is expanded through the exchange with the lovely harrowperson.

In summary – in sociopolitical terms of relevance, any charge of misandry would only have meaningful application if the relative power, across gender as it is, were reversed. If that day comes, have at it and I’ll be on your side the debate.

Also – get this as it is important – I think many of the issues with this discussion topic in general is a failing of language. English lacks good, generic abstract collective nouns. So any use of the word ‘men’ in the context of a gender discussion does not mean ‘ALL MEN’ or even ‘THE VAST MAJORITY’ of men … it is used as a class. There are other languages where there are distinct words for such … alas, as soon as ‘men’ is mentioned in an English language discussion such as this, too many people get defensive and see it as a specific attack on them, being themselves men.

As for the gender theory I outlined in brief, it is not an undefined, non-codified concept – there is quite of a lot of research and writing on the subject – much of it by men even! 🙂

Again, more intellectual bullshit which ignores the fact that men don’t exist as some sort of abstract category that you can quickly dispose of when you’re caught out for being a misandric collectivist prick by putting all men in a collective and some how, through osmosis or something, that all men benefit from the small number of men who make it to the top. Such a view point is based on this idea that some how kinship is formed based on common gender rather than class, social status etc. that apparently there is this magic unified front that all men are linked into simply by virtue of being ‘men’. People, both men and women, are motivate by rational self interest and any relationships that are formed is either going to re-enforce of further that individuals self interest (self interesting being not just about themselves but those whom they have a close association with such as close friends and family) so this idea that some how men as act as a ‘class’ aka a collective is just plain idiocy. When you throw around ‘men do this’ and ‘men have this’ and ‘men are privileged’ you aren’t talking about some abstract idea floating in space but the fact that there is actually a human who is attached to that word just as I grinds my gears when I see those on the far right talk about ‘those gays’ and ‘those Muslims’ and ‘those atheists’ as if some how they’re a giant monolith rather than a group of individuals who share a common label or the fact that there is actually a human associated with that word and when you invoke those labels you’re not talking about some abstract ‘class’ or category, you’re talking about actual people.

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