No, government didn’t fail, you did

For those who have been hiding under a rock for the past few months the city of Flint have had to deal with a fiasco which has resulted in their drinking water contaminated with lead. Recently Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan made a state of the state speech where he talked about who ‘government failed you’ then proceed to list all the various levels of government that failed Flint but there is one small problem – the only failure was Governor Rick Snyder given that it was he who set the chain of events off by imposing emergency management on Flint which lead to the appointment of manager who focused on cutting costs and part of that involved saving $5million per year by getting the water from the Flint river. The net result? the net result was the the Flint river is so contaminated that they had to use a shit tonne of chemicals which ended up stripping trace amounts of led in the pipes so now not only is there lead in the water there is also a $1.5billion repair bill because once again a bean counter tries to half ass it and save a few dollars.

This is something that annoys me when I see those on the centre right try to create this narrative of a false equivalency argument that ‘everyone is equally guilty’ when in reality we already know who were the instigators who set off the whole fiasco. In the case of what happened in Flint, it had nothing to do with the abstract concept of government nor does it have anything to do with the Democrats, what it had to do with was the decisions that Governor Rick Snyder took in the name of cutting costs. It doesn’t help then when only 41.6% of the voting population could even be bothered to turn out to vote because as much as I’d like to blame Governor Rick Snyder for what has happened, the biggest cause of what took place were the 58.4% who sat on their ass and decided to stay at home rather than getting out and voting. Government fails when you fail to get off your ass and vote and unfortunately it something I see in New Zealand. When John Key won a third term all I heard were people whining about how terrible it was but who was the cause? the 23.23% who decided to sit at home on their ass whining about John Key but not enough motivation to care about the future to go to the voting booth and cast a vote.

Look at the demographics of the voter break down ( link ) where if everyone below 34 went out and voted – most likely Labour and Greens, we’d probably be talking about a Greens-Labour coalition government now but alas close to 30% of that demographic just threw their hands in the air and said ‘fuck it’ but are now whining because things aren’t improving or they aren’t getting what they wanted or expected. Situations like what happened in Michigan are the result of people not giving a crap about the political process, when they excuse their non-interest in politics, “oh, I’m not political” whilst they whinge a few seconds later about the very things that their political involvement would actually fix. I’ve been a long time believer that if you don’t vote you forfeit your right to complain – you had an opportunity to get involved and voice an opinion but you decided that sitting at home on your ass watching ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ or ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ or ‘E! News’ were of greater importance than worrying about the future of your community and country aka to use a technical term, ‘the real world’.

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